10 Tips To Become More Beautiful!

There is just something about this natural beauties that you can’t even be able to explain. Everybody loves them, they tend to get any job they want and make money easy. It can even make you jealous that you want to hate them but you just can’t …some say maybe it is in their genes or its just because of maybe it’s because of their long dark hair and if its cut they won’t be that beautiful. But no one seems to explain. But becoming more beautiful can be easier than you ever thought. Beauty needs to both physical and inner beauty and these tips are going to help you transform into a beauty that you have always wanted to be.

1 – Posture


Have it ever occurred to you that you can actually change your looks by simply changing how you stand? The slumped shoulders and some other poor postures makes you lack confidence. But when shoulders are back and you keep your head high it increases confidence as well as ability. Pretend that there is a person who is holding you up with a string. It might sound crazy but it will certainly work.

2 – Dress well


When you are at home probably on the weekends, it is very easy to stay dressed up in your yoga pants. Am not saying it is bad, but come on? You can do better than that. I know am not the best but I try kill it even when am just at home and will not be going anywhere but to the kitchen, bathroom and probably the toilet.

 And if you are working in a big organization, you have the best opportunity to shine. Wherever you work there is a room for improvement on what you wear. Invest some good money in classy clothes. You have worked so hard, its right to treat yourself with some clothes to make you look more beautiful. If you ever feel kind of weird when you are wearing a certain cloth, just change it there must be a reason behind it.

 If you dress well you will be showing the world that you respect yourself and this gives people a good perception about you. And you also feel more comfortable interacting with them. The more you interact with more people telling you how beautiful you are, you will definitely find out what a beauty you are!

3 – Talk less


Yep…you got to talk less if you want to become more beautiful. Nobody likes that girl who can’t shut up even when she has nothing to say. Talking too much gives the people around you an ugly extreme about you and even if you have a face like that of Ariana Grande or Selina Gomez people around you will get bored with you. Just have some self-control and use discretion when you speak you will be surprised by how people will be finding you attractive. In short, just speak when it is necessary.

4 – Hydrate your skin


When most people talk about a beautiful person it is usually because of his or her face. Apart from the few people who consider a big booty as beauty…anyway, your face is the most important feature your body and you need to treat it right. Buy some cool lotions for it and hydrating moisture creams and be sure to get some good exfoliation from time to time. And before I forget make sure you take the recommended 8 glasses of water daily.

5 – Get enough sleep


Even if you have the best beauty routine if you don’t get enough sleep you will definitely not look as good as you want. Rest and sleep is a key ingredient to becoming more beautiful. Your moods will be better, your looks will be better, and your days will be better if you get enough sleep. It is recommended you get 8 hours but 7 will do too.

6 – Use some natural makeup


A true beauty will learn to appreciate her looks and sometimes make the best out of some of the body parts by using some natural makeup. The natural makeup will make you look more attractive and natural at all times. Opt for the BB creams, go for natural colors and use less foundation. For a more natural look opt for the pencils instead of the liquid eyeliner. Some brown mascara instead of the black ones or maybe it’s just my taste but I find brown mascara cuter.

7 – Forgiveness


Who loves resentful people? It is like one of the most unattractive emotion anyone can have. Becoming angry is normal but it should be released after some time. If you are one of those people who are very resentful, it will affect your personality in a bad way. Even if the forgiveness is not deserved, just let go the bad blood and forgive and it will set you free.

8 – Healthy weight loss


You don’t have to look like a model for you to be considered beautiful but trimming off some excess fats will make you look better. You can join a gym or you can even work out from home. Dedicating a few minutes to work out will help you look even more beautiful.

9 – Complain less


It is just normal that things will not go your way sometime either in relationships, work or with your family but that’s just life. At those tough times instead of concentrating the negatives and complaining, tame your tongue to speak with positivity. The power of words cannot be underestimated. You can actually create a reality with the words you speak. If you say it is going to be alright, it will be. Staying positive makes you more attractive and everybody just wants to be around you.

10 – Work out


Healthy weight loss is not enough, if you want to get that one body that everybody wants, you will need to work a little bit harder.

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