Back To School Tips, Every Student Needs to Know

The beginning of a new school year always invokes a sense of excitement and anxiety in students, whether they are fresh out of primary school or foraying into the daunting class 10. There is the excitement of crossing yet another milestone in your academic journey and making new friends, and at the same time, feeling pressure about impressing the teacher, performing well in class and getting your peers to like you is inevitable. As you advance into yet another new school year, here are tips to help you start on the right note and ace your journey:

1- A Good Turn Out

Importance of a good turnout in making a favorable first impression cannot be stressed enough. Yes, being at your well-dressed best will not make you the teacher’s favorite easily but if you look untidy or unkempt on the very first day of the new school year, the teacher is likely to remember it in an unfavorable way for a long time, probably throughout the academic session. So put in some effort in wearing a clean, neatly ironed dress and polished shoes, grooming your nails and hair. It doesn’t matter if you find it silly now that you are in Class 12 or Class 10, discipline never goes out of style.

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