Back To School Tips, Every Student Needs to Know

2 – Settle Into the Teachers’ Ways

Just like each subject, every teacher is different too. It is possible that your Class 9 Science teacher loved to teach the fun way but the teacher for social science of Class 10 has a more serious, no-nonsense approach. So, don’t jump the gun in trying to show how smart you are, especially if you don’t know the teacher from before, or pull a fast one. Give yourself sometime to understand and settle into your new teachers’ ways and then aim for fulfilling their expectations of you.

3 – Participate in Classroom Learning

Take on proactive approach toward classroom learning by participating in classroom discussions as well as question and answer sessions organised by your teachers. This is especially important for subjects like Class 10 mathematics as well as all the elective subjects you choose in your Class 11 and 12. Interacting with the teacher and other students during these sessions will not only help improve your understanding of concepts but also put you in the limelight.

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