Better 10 Foods To Gain Weight Faster

Most people usually search for foods to lose weight or ways to lose weight but if you are in the group of the minority who wants to gain weight then this article is for you. Being underweight is as serious as being overweight probably even worse. If you are underweight you are likely to encounter health complications that include: infertility, osteoporosis, increased risk during surgeries, malnutrition, and developmental delays.

 Those who say that losing weight is a struggle have certainly not tried gaining weight. But even if it is hard some foods can help you meet your goals. Increase your weight by eating these foods.

  • 1 – Milk

Proteins are body building foods and milk is no short of it. Since you will still need to work out, drinking a glass of milk before your work out session will help you gain weight faster. In addition to the proteins, milk also contain some carbs and carbohydrates that plays a vital role in gaining weight.

Milk is also a great source of vitamins and other minerals like calcium. The protein content contained in milk is a perfect choice for anyone who is trying to add weight. Incorporate milk in your daily diet if you are serious about adding weight.

  • 2 – Rice

Rice is a good source of carbohydrates and just a cup of rice contains more than 200 calories. People who are trying to lose weight are advised to reduce the amounts of calories in their meals but as for you, you will need to eat the calories in plenty. And rice so happens to be rich in calories and it is also very easy to incorporate rice with proteins like beef making it even a more perfect candidate for anyone for anyone trying to add weight.

  • 3 – Nuts and nut butter

Nuts are great and taking them regularly can help you add weight faster. And the good thing about nuts is that they can easily be included into other meals and salads. Making them very easy to consume each and every day, you can even take them raw if you don’t mind. Actually, that’s how you will get the most benefits out of the nuts. Nut butters that are made with exclusions of sugar might also be of great help. Just make sure that the nuts don’t have hydrogenated oils and are made of pure nuts for the sake of your health.

  • 4 – Red meat

The red meats are might just be the best muscle building foods in the world. A steak will contain about 3 grams of leucine per 170 grams. For those who have no idea what leucine is, it is an amino acid that your body needs in order synthesis the proteins and add muscles.

Additionally, red meat is a great source of natural creatine and it is known that creatine is among the best body building supplement. The fattier cuts even have more calories so you might want to go for that if you want to add weight even faster. Red meat is also a great source of proteins and calories making it the perfect food for anyone who wants to add weight.

  • 5 – Potatoes

Starchy foods like potatoes are also a sure bet for anyone who is trying to add weight. Potatoes are very affordable and you can be prepared in different ways to make them tastier. It is actually a food that you can include in your daily diet. I find them surprisingly delicious.

If you don’t do potatoes then you can try out oats, buckwheat, squash and other starchy foods. These foods will help you add weight and they as they add carbs and calories in your body. Additionally, they also add glycogen, fiber as well as other important nutrients.

  • 6 – Salmon and other oily fish

Salmon is a perfect source of protein as well as other healthy fats. And in addition to the proteins, salmon is also an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids. They will help you add weight as they offer other health benefits for your health and help you fight diseases.

  • 7 – Protein supplements

Many athletes and bodybuilders are usually recommended to take some protein supplements to help them add weight and muscles. The most used protein supplement is the whey protein which is flawless when it comes to adding weight especially when you take some and combine with some strength training. They are made out of dairy and they have shown significant results to those who tried use them for weight gain purposes. The whey protein contain all the amino acids to help boost the muscle growth of your body.

  • 8 – Dried fruits

A dried fruit is rich in calories, anti-oxidants and healthy fiber. They are available in variety and it is a matter of choice to go for the one you love the most. They have high content of sugar which makes them even more useful to anyone who wants to add weight. They are an easy way to add weight since they are easy to find, convenient to consume and they actually tastes great.

  • 9 – Avocados

The healthy fats loaded on an avocado are very useful when it comes to adding weight. Avocados are also rich in calories making them a great choice for anyone who wants to add some weight. A single avocado contain around 29 grams of fat, 322 calories and 17 grams of fiber. Incorporating avocados in your diet is easy as you can practically take some in any meal at any time of the day.

  • 10 – Whole eggs

We all know that eggs are a protein powerhouse and we have already established you need to be taking a lot of proteins if your mission is to gain weight. 3 eggs per day will be perfect and if you can do more you can make it up to 5 per day.

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