Enlarged Facial Pores: With These Two Masks You Will EliminateThem

A young girl with problem skin. Photo before and after treatment for acne.

Putting natural masks on our face can reduce the appearance of enlarged pores.

Most women care more about the care of their skin. However, following exposure to the sun, pollution, poor diet, among other causes, many have a hard time looking good, presenting problems such as large pores, excess fat, acne, and more.

According to a publication in Dermatologic Surgery, dilated pores are given to a condition generated by visible topographic changes of the skin’s surface, while they are not a medical problem.

However, as part of the same study, pore dilation can also occur due to excessive sebum production or increased hair follicle volume. So, the ways to approach it can vary in each patient.

Therefore, it is recommended that you visit a dermatologist and see the available options. You can also prepare some natural masks that can have a beneficial effect on the skin.

Next, we show you two masks and step by step to apply them.




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